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At Newton Abbot Dental, we feel it’s important our patients understand the procedures and needs for treatments. Here you’ll find a range of information about treatments you may need or are looking for. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

Invisalign – the convenient solution!

So… what is ‘invisalign?’ Invisalign is an industry leading teeth straightening treatment, which brings the patient many benefits. It is a brand recognised and utilised

Gingivitis – what is it?

We often forget as Dentists that our patients (and most people actually…) do not always understand the jargon we use, which consists mainly of medical

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Let’s Talk About Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?  You will see a lot on social media about ‘veneers.’ Veneers can look really good if the treatment is completed correctly.

Gum Disease And How To Treat It

What does it look like & how do I know if I have it? ‘Gum disease’ is the next stage of Gingivitis & is known

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Let’s Talk Bleeding Gums!

Why do I get red & sore gums? Red, bleeding gums is called ‘Gingivitis.’ Most people will experience gingivitis at some stage in their lifetime

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