Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Want A STRAIGHTER, BRIGHTER AND MORE CONFIDENT SMILE? With our cosmetic dental treatments you can, sooner than you think!

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they are confident showing off. Fortunately these days cosmetic dental treatments are less destructive to teeth. They’re more accessible and more affordable than ever!

We believe that the key to beautifully natural cosmetic dentistry is recognizing that each patient had a truly unique and personal smile.

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We offer dental cosmetic treatments to everyone whether you have broken teeth, dead or dying teeth, discolored or corroded teeth. We can help you decide on the right treatment.

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Every treatment is different therefore the cost varies. Newton Abbot Dental will help guide you through the best treatment to suit you during your consultation.

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Depending on the cosmetic dental treatment complexity it will vary how soon you’ll have your perfect smile. For minor cosmetic procedures you’ll see incredible results in as little as 1 month.

Our cosmetic treatments:

Our range of cosmetic treatments include:

At Newton Abbot Dental, we generally use the modern and ultra-conservative approaches of straightening, whitening and bonding.

The images on the right show a repair with white filling after an accident resulted in the front teeth breaking. Conservative and quick allowing us to restore the patients confidence.  

We can also use white filling material to modify the shape of teeth. Our patients smiles are enhanced and as a result can show off what nature originally gave them.

  • Teeth whitening using our safe whitening protocols
  • Teeth straightening with modern orthodontic systems
  • Cosmetic bonding with white filling materials
  • Tooth coloured custom ceramic veneers
  • Facial aesthetics consultations and treatments

Our Orthodontic systems are second to none however every case is different. Therefore at Newton Abbot Dental we pride ourselves on the results and satisfaction of our patients.

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Maintaining dental hygiene is important

After your cosmetic treatment we’ll help you with how to care for your teeth. We’ll also see you with checkups and any followup treatments as needed.
We’re always happy to answer any questions for instance we guide you on the following.
  • Most effective tooth brushing techniques
  • Recommend best products to clean between your teeth
  • Dietary advice to best reduce risk of tooth decay
  • Smoking cessation information to reduce your risk of smoking related tooth loss
  • Most effective toothpastes and mouth rinses
Useful information available cosmetic dental treatments. Oral health foundation information on cosmetic dentistry

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