White Fillings.

restore, repair and enhance your smile with white fillings

At Newton Abbot Dental we use the most advanced white filling materials to restore, repair and enhance your smile.

We use composite resin to restore a variety of teeth related problems; cavities from tooth decay, replacement of traditional amalgam fillings, fractures and accidental chips can all be addressed in a way that will help to keep your smile looking bright and white!

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Gone are the days where restoring a tooth with a filling resulted in a smile dotted with black holes. We now use an ultra-modern white filling material known as ‘composite resin’ to not only repair teeth to their original colour, but also function as nature originally intended.

  • Advanced Composite Resin
  • As Strong As Silver Fillings
  • Matches The Color Of Your Teeth
  • Long Lasting & Almost Invisible
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Traditional fillings are made from silver amalgam and are commonly identified. White fillings we use at newton abbot are a composite resin, we use the most advanced materials available.

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White fillings used to be considered less long-lasting than silver amalgam fillings. But the advanced materials newton abbot dental use are comparable to silver amalgam. These are proving to be very successful. 

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The cost of white fillings varies on where you need them or how large. There is a small extra cost compared to traditional silver fillings. For information on our prices click here

Filling Comparison

It's easy to see the difference between fillings

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White Fillings at Newton Abbot Dental match your existing tooth enamel and shade to make them unnoticeable. The results speak for themselves and they’re as strong as traditional silver fillings. More information on fillings available from the Oral Health Foundation


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